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Global DNS Service

Ask yourself, how much does your company rely on DNS? Could your company deal with DNS downtime? DNS is a single-point of failure for many services, such as web, email and server management. Most companies do not devote much hardware or manpower to set up and maintain a DNS system, resulting in a easily exploitable single point of failure.

The Problems with DNS

Single Point of Failure
Users of your website, email and application servers all rely on your domain name to connect. A single network or hardware failure can completely nullify the availability of *ALL* of your services. A single DDOS attack can take out one or two DNS servers very easily.

A DNS server is capable of running on a computer with lower specs, so many companies make the mistake of under-speccing the hardware platform for their DNS solution. Even worse, sometimes DNS service is regulated to a box that has a primary use of web or email serving, putting all of one's eggs in a single basket. Can these solutions stand a period of a thousand requests per-second?

Lookup Time
The speed of a DNS lookup affects the speed of the internet services you provide. When people in geographically distant areas make a query about one of your domains, is your DNS presence close enough to them to provide a fast reply?

DNS records can be a management headache. Do you trust a member of your staff to update records by hand, or do you have a web front-end for revisions? Is the front-end easy to use? Will it work across multiple servers, should you choose to expand your operation?

DNS, especially BIND, is one of the most exploited services on the internet. You could be a technician's two-week vacation away from a hacked machine. Do you have an active management plan to keep your DNS servers up to date 365 days a year?

The Solution

SuperDNS by PEER 1 is an evolution in the way businesses deploy DNS. Our 17 nodes and easy to use interface makes DNS issues a thing of the past.

Single Point of Failure
No longer a problem, SuperDNS is hosted in 17 different locations on multiple servers. Each node is redundant and fault tolerant, if a node is having an issue, the SuperDNS network handles it gracefully with no downtime.

Lookup Time
As you can see, the global footprint of SuperDNS allows us to provide quick times to every DNS request we serve. Our anycasted servers will always provide the quickest response to domain inquiries.

SuperDNS runs on beefy hardware capable of handling enterprise-level DNS traffic. Upstream bandwidth is handled exclusively by PEER 1's famous network, ensuring we are never at the mercy of another company's bandwidth issues.

All management is done through our MERCURY online portal, the same portal you manage your other PEER 1 services through. Our easy-to-use platform has the ability to make changes of any scale, from a simple A record to more powerful zone info settings.

Servers are kept up to date by our technicians. Every node is actively monitored, and our NOC is staffed 24 hours a day to deal with any issues that may arise.

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