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Content Caching

Content Caching service allows you to accelerate applications, distribute media and software fast with zero capital cost to you.

Content Caching service will cache content of your website, application or media in 17 cities on two continents resulting in fast delivery of the content to your clients.

Caching datacenters

With content caching you can increase the amount of data being served from your server(s) without additional hardware. All hardware is provided to you and you can sign up to use the service for a month at a time. This is very beneficial when you are launching a large website and you are unsure of the potential traffic requirement. With our Content Caching solution you scale up as much as needed without the need for additional hardware.

Minimum requirment:

You are serving over 250 GB of content per month

How It Works:

Content Caching network will cache your content and refresh it from your server as often as you require with minimum intervals being one minute. Content is cached on hardware devices (routers).
When your customer requests content from your site it is serverd from the closest content node to the client instead of the origin server. This reduces the load on the server and improves the loading times. Our administrators can also monitor, distribute, and manage your content using online interfaces.


- Multiple bandwidth plan options ranging from 250GB to 10,000GB
- Cache allotments in megabytes (footprints) are included with each option
- On-demand propagation
- Easy-to-use online CDN control panel
- Cache nodes are placed at the edge of PEER 1's large network, reducing hop count and end-to-end latency

Lead Time:

We require at least one business day notice to turn your site on our content caching system.


Pricing starts at $500 per month


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