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Redundant Hosting Services

We are now in the twenty first century. Redundant hosting services are a must for any company.

What is redundancy and why do we need it?

Reduncy means that there is more then just one of any piece of equipment and service available. In case primary site or service fails the secondary one should take over to provide continuity.

      Most small and medium size companies do not question the need for redundancy. At we live and breathe redundancy. Does your company have a plan on how your business will operate if power, cooling, networking or data is not available? Do you have backup and redundancy for your business? provides all the necessary services to ensure your business can continue to operate.

Some things to consider when discussing redundancy for your web hosting and IT infrastructure solution:

a) Power
- Does your hosting provider offer power redundancy?
- Do you have sufficient power redundancy in your office where you currently locate your equipment?
- What will happen if power fails? Will you be able to offer services and will your employees be able to continue to work?

      At all our equipment has a primary power source (Hydro power), backed by UPS systems and stand-by power generation equipment. We also offer secondary site where customers deploy business recovery and business continuity equipment. Typically a second site to the primary site which takes over during major failure at site one.

b) Bandwidth
- Do you have multiple bandwidth providers?
- Is your bandwidth scallable?
- What happens during major spikes in traffic to your site is bandwidth a problem?

      Redundant bandwith is provided at both our locations. We have the ability to launch your application on a fully scalable bandwidth solution.
Fully redundant networking and routing equipment with hot spares standing by in case of failures. 24/7 support from network operation centers.

d) Cooling
- Redundant cooling of the facilities.

e) Data
- Data backup and primary/secondary site recovery capabilities.

f) Website/Content
- Redundant equipment, load balancing and primary/secondary site capabilities.


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