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Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Aug 16,2010

We now support Google apps mail service

HostingInCanada: Announces support for Google apps mail service

Starting this week we are offering an option for our clients to host their email services under Google Apps. This feature is offered by our company as it was requested by a number of users. All clients will remain to host their websites and domains through our service.


Distribution of Services: In the case of a failure of the server on which your website is hosted, your email will still be accessible as it will be provided by Google Apps.

SPAM: Google Apps has an advanced anti-spam filtering. Our service also offers the anti-spam capability but we have noticed Google App's service to be more advanced.

Access: Emails will be accessible via GMAIL like interface or via your current client (Outlook, etc.).

GChat: You can use GChat feature within the interface using your email address


Failure: You will need to deal with two providers. One (our company) for web hosting and DNS services, and Google Apps for email services.

SPAM: We have noticed that with Google Apps you don't have a full control over what is or what is not delivered to your inbox.

Security/Privacy: You will need to accept the Google Apps security/privacy policies and Google will get access to your emails.

Mailboxes: There is a limit on the number of mailboxes you can have. There is no such limit on our service.

Disk Space: Google limits the size of a mailbox for a free service. You will need to upgrade to a paid service if you go over the quota.

Overall it is up to you whether you would like to continue to use our services for email or whether to use another service such as Google Apps.

Refer KB section in your client area for instructions on setting up google mail service for your domain.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Aug 15th,2010

Apache Tomcat 7 is here

HostingInCanada: Announces support for Apache Tomcat 7.
Apache Tomcat. 7 the latest version of Apache's open-source Java servlet container. Tomcat 7 is now available in beta, with a final release expected in late summer of this year. The new version of Tomcat includes a wide range of enhancements centering around the adoption of the Java Servlet 3.0 specification. Servlet 3.0 is designed to improve ease of development, extensibility, and security, and also adds significant support for asynchronous programming techniques. This includes changes like Dynamic Configuration, Extended Servlet API and others. Our company will be providing the latest available version of the Tomcat 7 on our services. The Tomcat 7 will be available on both Shared Hosting and VPS hosting platforms. More details can be seen at the following links:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Jul 31st,2010

ISPConfig CP is now available.

We have launched the ISPConfig Control panel for our VPS based customers. With the control panel you can to manage your hosting accounts, domains, email accounts,databases, etc. The control panel will help you to do perform the tasks through a web based interface. The control panel is offered free of charge. The control panel is an open source Linux based panel. If you already have a VPS with us then please let us know and we will install it free of charge, if you are setting up a new VPS account, please request ISPConfig through the order form .

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: March 4th,2010, a leader in the JAVA based hosting services is introducing a revolutionary custom Java Control Panel (JCP) that is available for our new cPanel based Tomcat products.
Our proprietary JCP is being introduced to enhance our JAVA hosting customer.s control over their java applications.

The Java Control Panel (JCP) allows the following for Private Tomcat users:
- switch tomcat version
- switch JDK version
- browse logs
- change HTTP mappings for main domain and add-on domains
- start/stop and view JVM uptime
- view tomcat manager password and tomcat HTTP port

Shared JVM users can:
- browse logs
- schedule restart of shared JVM and view its uptime
- view context attributes
- disable/enable context
- change HTTP mappings for main domain and add-on domains

We are working on introducing additional features to our Java Control Panel and these will be made available in the near future. For more details and to try our Java Control Panel, please go to our webpage and order your Shared or Private Tomcat products starting at just for $10.40/month.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: March 3rd , 2010

cPanel now available for Shared and Private Tomcat hosting., a leader in the JAVA based hosting services is proud to announce new Tomcat offerings based on cPanel control panel. We are making cPanel available as a default graphical interface and automation tool to simplify the process of hosting a JAVA application and managing your web hosting services at On request, we are still providing Plesk based JAVA Tomcat products. We are excited to release this new product to our clients.

For more details, please go to our and order your cPanel based Shared or Private Tomcat products starting at just for $10.40/month.
Yours Truly, Team

April 07th, 2010 - Scheduled Generator Test *NON SERVICE IMPACTING* - Saturday, April 17th, 2010, 06:00AM ET to 19:00PM ET

Please be advised that a scheduled electrical maintenance will be conducting during the following window:
Saturday, April 17th, 2010, 06:00AM ET to 19:00PM ET.

This maintenance is required in order to perform the building's annual shutdown, during which they will alter high voltage transformer taps and ensure the commercial power system is operating safely.

This work will be NON SERVICE IMPACTING: however, our colocation UPSs will be running from generator for the duration of the maintenance. Colocation and the appropriate electrical/mechanical staff will be present for the duration of this 13 hour window.

January 13th, 2010 - We Support Canadian Athletes for Vancouver 2010 (ObjectNova Inc.) is supporting Canadian athletes in their preparation for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. has donated funds to Canadian Athletes Now Fund ( and our company's donation will be directed directly to Canadian athleets to support their training, coaching, nutrition and living expenses.
We encourage our present and future customers to assist and donate and help out.

Links: 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games
Canadian Athletes Now Fund

About ObjectNova Inc. ObjectNova Inc. is a Canadian owned corporataion operating a number of web hosting brands in Canada and USA. Link:

Toronto, Ontario, June 19th, 2009 - ObjectNova Inc. today announced that its power is bullfrogpowered.
In partnership with Bullfrog Power, ObjectNova Inc. will purchase green power on the monthly basis.

Bullfrog Power, Ontario's first 100% green electricity retailer, sources power exclusively from wind and low-impact hydro generators that meet or exceed the federal government's Environmental Choice Program EcoLogo standard for renewable electricity. ObjectNova's decision to support clean renewable power is a component of the company's comprehensive strategy that includes a commitment to reducing emissions and environmental footprint across its operations.

By supporting clean, renewable power in Ontario, ObjectNova Inc. is taking meaningful action to reduce its carbon footprint and help combat the environmental and health consequences of air pollution in the province.

About ObjectNova Inc.
ObjectNova Inc. is a Canadian owned corporataion operating a number of web hosting brands in Canada and USA.

About Bullfrog Power:
Bullfrog Power is a 100% green electricity retailer in Ontario that sources electricity exclusively from wind and low-impact water power producers who meet or exceed the federal government's EcoLogoM standard for renewable energy.

March 25th, 2009 - Switch Off Your Lights For Earth


Our team will be turning off our laptops, computers and lights. Our servers and your websites will be up and running!

Our company has chosen to participate in the Earth Hour 2009. On March 28th, 2009 we will be switching our lights off for one hour. We encourage all our clients to joing this great initiative this year.

More details on this initiative are located here:

February 24th, 2009 - .Net and Windows Hosting is now supported announced on Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 introduction of Windows web hosting services., owned and operated by ObjectNova Inc. will provide shared Windows hosting services allowing clients to deploy .Net based applications. Windows plans will be supported by the Plesk control panel allowing clients to quickly deploy and configure their websites.

Plans can be seen here: .Net/Windows Hosting

February 19, 2009 - Agile Inventions Inc. selects
Agile Inventions Inc. a Toronto based SaaS vendor has selected to host its AgileDealer software as a service platform. will be providing deployment platform automation, infrastructure and support services for deployment of the J2EE based AgileDealer platform.

Due to the high interest in the Agile Inventions Inc. and its services, partnering with a company such as is crucial to ensure client's stability, security and fault tolerance. has experience in automated applications deployment, configurations and with its existing infrastructure in place can support fast growth companies such as Agile Inventions Inc.

For details regarding Agile Inventions Inc. services please visit:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada: November 21, 2008 hosting, infrastructure management and IT services provider has added XEN virtual private servers platform to its offering.

XEN VPS is becoming the facto standard and is the preferred virtualization technology.

With the XEN offering has additional tools to work with corporate clients to lower those clients' hosting costs.

Virtualization allows for improved cost savings and increased business agility. Companies deploying virtualized platform are better able to quickly respond to the changing demands of the business. offers a wide range of services ranging from shared applications hosting, virtualization, dedicated servers, managed co-location services and infrastructure as well as applications deployment and management services.

XEN Packages offered by can be reviewed on this site:

April 22, 2008 - New website is launched team is proud to announce launching of a new corporate website. Since 1999 has been providing web hosting and infrastructure services to clients around the world. Re-launching of the website and rebranding of ObjectNova Inc. to will improve how we service our clients and will clearly show how our new brand will benefit end users. A range of services which were offered to clients for a number of years but not officially marketed through our website have been added.

We are proud of our new updated design and are excited that we will be able to offer even more services to our clients. As part of the website re-launch we have also decided to move to a new online billing and client support system which has more capabilities the the system we currently used. The integrated support/billing and knowledge base system will make it easier to server our clients and will make it easier for our clients to review their billing and support request.

A new feature on our website is the introduction of $1 Trial Account which allow for new clients to test our set up and capabilities for only $1 for seven days with an ability to get full refund at the end of the trial period. For corporate clients we have provided description of our capabilities which range from dedicated servers, backup, recovery, dns services to infrastructure deployment and application and network design services.

In addition to the new products offering we have now made available a toll free numbers to better support our fast growing client base.

March 1, 2008 - acquires a Toronto, Canada based company acquires based in Montreal, Canada. Through the acqusition of the our company can now provide new set of services including VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting capabilities. has added a new exciting product. Virtual Private Servers are offered on OpenVZ platform and all packages come with HyperVM control panel providing easy management and maintenance of client's virtual machines.

Virtual Servers let the users configure their own server complete with root access but without the burder of getting an entire dedicated server. This allows for substential cost savings in the deployment of applications and utilizes the computing on demand model where resources allocated to each individual virtual server can be increased on as needed basis.

As part of the introduction of Virtual Servers, is now also offering this service together with design, configuration and deployment of virtual servers using OpenVZ or XEN technologies to our corporate clients. Deployment of the technology can substentially lower infrastructure and computing costs for corporate clients.

Typical VPS Usage:
  • Web site hosting
  • Application hosting (PHP/Java/CGI/other)
  • Secondary DNS Server
  • Secondary mail server
  • An IRCD IRC Server
  • Load balanced HTTP server
  • Backup MySQL slave server or cluster
  • A test Unix server


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