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About: is owned and operated by ObjectNova Inc. which has been offering IT services since 1999. We are based in Toronto, Canada and our clients are located around the world.

Since 1999, thousands of clients have entrusted with their hosting, information technology and infrastructure management needs. Over the years we have grown into a profitable and well respected company. Since 2007 we offer 24/7 support with systems administrators and infrastructure technicians being available around the clock.

Services: offers web hosting services to small and medium companies in Canada and around the world. All web hosting services are located in our two data centers in Toronto and Mississauga.

Hosting Services: offers website hosting services (PHP Linux Hosting) supporting a wide range of technologies, Java Hosting for clients requiring deployment of Java based hosting solutions and VPS hosting for clients who need full access to the server (administrator/root access). Those packages come with full range of control panels, applications and preconfigured options making it extremely easy to manage websites and emails.

Infrastructure Services:

For medium size and large size companies offers a wide range of services to make it possible for the companies to deploy and manage their online properties.
HostingInCanada offers custom designed and provisioned dedicated servers, redundant hosting services, monitoring services, application deployment services, management of DNS and other. We work with medium and large businesses and can provide evaluations and proposals on how to lower costs for the businesses and remain competitive in today's marketplace by switching to our infrastructure.

Why Hosting in Canada?

Clients are asking why choose a company located in Canada for their hosting services. There are a number of benefits of selecting
  • Infrastructure located in premier data centers in Toronto and Mississauga with excellent redundancy and quality of service
  • Stability of Canadian economy, power generation and high quality of bandwidth
  • Canadian business costs are lower in Canada then in other countries resulting in our lower services costs offered to clients
  • owns its equipment and maintains it lowering the risk of third parties issues with server management
  • does not outsource its services and hires its own employees therefore improving the quality of service


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